Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2004 10:22 AM
Subject: Letter for M. V. Swami

Dear Maha Vishnu Swami, Namaskar aur Pranam.  All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Hope this letter finds you strong and well.

Thank you for taking interest and action in the investigation into Srila Prabhupada's poisoning.  With your blessed intervention, the GBC may see need to approve and facilitate a renewed effort to address the issue, honestly and fully.

We have some practical suggestions that you may wish to keep in mind when facing the whirlwind of contention, misunderstanding, and undoubted opposition:


We have made mention in our book of evidence that cannot be disclosed except to investigators.  This is not some idle prattle, Maharaja.  We have damning NEW evidence directly linked to the poisoning.  Although known facts are enough to warrant an investigation, the evidence we now have is positively heart-breaking for loving disciples of His Divine Grace.  Our legal advisors have instructed that we keep the information classified until triggered by a need to disclose it.  Those few of us who know of it, are under oath not to reveal details to any one.  We are seeking an exemption for you.  Hopefully, when next you meet with one of our team you may hear it in person.


What is needed is to locate and receive more of Srila Prabhupada's 1976-77 hair samples for forensic testing.  We have a very qualified and accredited US laboratory that does this kind of work.  The investigation is in great need of locating additional hair samples from this time period. Little would be more convincing than multiple high-tech confirming hair tests.  We know of several devotees who have them and would provide them if asked by the GBC. The minimum required is 2 pieces of hair, but up to 10 or 20 would be better, so devotees may not need to sacrifice but a small portion of whatever hair relics they may have, thus overcoming their fear of losing a precious relic.


Tamal Krishna Maharaja, had a tooth of Srila Prabhupada's that was taken from His Divine Grace's lotus mouth in mid April 1977.  This tooth is extremely important evidence, as it would have easily measurable amounts of any poisons.  Only a small part of the tooth is needed for the test, the rest would be preserved as is.  Please help to obtain GBC authority for this test.  As best I know, this tooth may be in Dallas or wherever TKG's effects have ended up.  Should there be any other such relic in existence, we would be grateful to secure it for testing purposes, the only provision being that it must be a genuine relic and not somebody's attemp to waste time and money.


There is a great need for interviews of many devotees to be done by "neutral' and qualified researcher/s.  Perhaps Dhira Govinda P?  With GBC backing, perhaps many of those who need to be interviewed will agree to do so.  Much can be learned by such interviews, comparing them and compiling the heretofore unknown missing pieces of information; historical details, etc.


It should not be too difficult to find 5 to 7 members for making up an investigative board or panel that would be acceptable to the GBC and to those who have carried on this investigation privately since 1997.  As long as the panel receives full authority from the GBC to arrange tests and interviews, the panel should be able to work effectively as an independent investigative team.  The members must have sufficient time and commitment, however.  Essentially, the team must include some members of the private investigative team to be credible.


The above items would cost the GBC or ISKCON nothing to arrange.  For tests, interviews, and panel members' expenses (travel, phone, etc) BIF and others are willing to foot the expenses provided a new and honest investigation is approved by the GBC- We have already spent over $US 60,000 in the search for the cold facts and stark truth of this issue, and we are prepared to invest more to arrive at the truth.

If you could present this to the GBC- that a GBC approved, sponsored and authorized investigation would involve an internal/discreet review of evidence, interviews, forensic tests, etc- already paid for - what objection could there be?  If there are any further concerns, surely they can be accomodated.


Your servants,

Bhaktivedanta Investigation Force (BIF)


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