Dear Maharajas and Prabhus: 

Please accept our obeisances. All Glories to His Divine Grace, A. C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Founder and Acarya of ISKCON. 

We, the Bhaktivedanta Investigation Force (BIF), have taken note of your statement and endorsement of the book "Not that I am Poisoned":

618 [Statement] It is resolved that 1) There is no evidence at this time to support the allegations of poisoning of Srila Prabhupada. This conclusion is based on two independent reports commissioned by the GBC Body. 

2) The GBC body endorses the book, "Not that I am Poisoned," as the most detailed and comprehensive exposition of these allegations to date, and it recommends the book strongly to devotees who may have been affected by or who are interested in this issue. (GBC Annual Meetings. 2000)

After having given much time and endeavor to research the data therein, we find your statements to be unfounded, unsubstantiated and incorrect. We have also noted that after making the endorsement, you withdrew from further involvement in investigating the alleged poisoning of His Divine Grace, Srila Prabhupada. 

In your statement, you cited your reasons for "conclusion" as being derived from "two independent reports" commissioned by you. This information has been thoroughly examined by us and found to be contradictory to the facts, and unacceptable by reason.

Documented postings reveal that not a single "conclusive" investigation was undertaken. How do you come up with two? The first "attempted" investigation was undertaken by Balavanta Das. He was never independent of the GBC, nor was his investigation concluded. So already we see two flaws in the first part of your statement: 1) It was not "independent," being commissioned by the GBC on an installment basis and therefore subject to its will; 2) it was never completed and therefore not conclusive.

Here below, in his own words, is an excerpt taken from Balavanta Das' "final report" to the GBC Chairman showing clearly that his investigation was terminated due to a lack of funding by your good selves, and because of sabotage, which was later revealed to be carried out under your instructions. 

Information in brackets inserted by us: 

Here are Balavanta's words: " He (Dr. Morris) was prepared to perform these tests when he was contacted by a Mr. Hooper (a.k.a. Deva Gaura Hari, author of the GBC book 'Not That I am Poisoned') who indicated that he was also working on the investigation. Mr. Hooper was not working with me and I do not know him or his role in your investigation. Following this contact, Dr. Morris decided to assess a substantial charge for his continuing efforts. I contacted you (Bir Krsna G. Former Chairman, GBC) to ask for the funds to complete the study, but they have not been forthcoming." (VNN-5589. 2/3/00) 

As for the second "conclusive report": since we don't know of anyone else we must assume the "reporter" to be your unannounced appointee, David Hooper, who is identified by Balavanta Das in his statement above. This second "commission" was a law enacted by you alone; no one outside the GBC's inner circle was privy to the decision. Why the GBC suddenly decided to remove Balavanta Das (a qualified lawyer / Prabhupada disciple) and replace him with a freshly initiated disciple (David Hooper) of a suspect (Jayapataka Swami), has never been explained, leaving us to assume that Balavanta Das' public disclosure of Dr. J. Stephen Morris' arsenic findings brought about his swift replacement, and your own position as seeking self-preservation rather than the truth. 

Your second "commission" resulted in a report authored by David Hooper entitled-- "Not that I am Poisoned", which we now know to have been covertly financed by another suspect in the alleged conspiracy: Bhakti Caru Swami, whose name is conspiciously missing from the credits. 

The Bhaktivedanta Investigation Force has spent much time, money and effort in engaging private investigators and in interviewing and double-checking "expert" witnesses and "testimonies" proffered in that book. We have found the book to be wrongful in its purposeful misquoting of professional submissions; inaccurate and deceptive in its interpretation of facts; unfounded in its assumptions; biased in favor of those who commissioned its authorship; unprofessional in its ethic; and cultic in that it attempts to use the weight of authority to quell inquiry and subvert the truth. Our report has been published in a CD/book entitled--Judge For Yourself. Members of your Body have already obtained/received copies of this publication. If you remain yet uninformed and wish to study the report, you may, access our e-book here.

In light of the above, we request you to reconsider your position, the gravity of the situation, and comply with our demand to reopen the investigation into the alleged poisoning of his Divine Grace. We call upon all Commissioners within your Governing Body to set aside corporate concerns in the higher quest for justice and truth. Further, we beseech all devotees of the Lord to avail themselves of the facts surrounding the disappearance of Srila Prabhupada, and raise voice with us so that righteousness and truth may prevail. 

You should not misinterpret this missive to be a plea for sanction. The Bhaktivedanta Investigation Force has gathered substantial support and resources to carry out the investigation with or without your consent, and with the participation of the secular sector if necessary. We will spare no expense or effort on the path of due process: investigation and revelation. So this demand should be seen as an opportunity to keep the matter internal until resolved. Failure to recognize what is being attempted here will place future blame squarely on your shoulders for an investigation gone beyond discretion, to media, membership, and under secular control. 

Our expectation, given this age of communication, is that your announcement could be prepared within a few days, and made public anon. However, and with respect to your heavy work schedules, we must insist the declaration be made no later than the Mayapura meetings, failing which, we will activate our strategy to inform the world. 

In the event of your having difficulty with the proposition of an investigation, please don't fail to contact us. We have independent, impartial, accredited investigators waiting in the wings, accomplished personnel who are discreet, familiar with the case, and more than capable of producing a truly independent report. If you decide to comply with our demand, you should in no event appoint your own investigative team, especially associates who previously worked for you or now work for you in any capacity. It will be viewed as a conflict of interest and will be totally unacceptable.

In anticipation 

Your servants 

Bhaktivedanta Investigation Force (BIF)